Thursday, March 4, 2010


Last night was EPIC in every sense of the word: going to the Verizon Center, being among so many people with so much energy, and hearing the greatest rapper alive do what he does best ... there are no words. It was such an amazing performance and oddly intimate, even though we were so so far away. Jay-Z puts on a "no frills" concert -- no dancers, no fireworks, just him performing his hits, one after another. He topped himself again and again, which is just so indicative of his incredible career -- he puts out a freaking amazing album, and then it's "on to the next one."

I went a little insane last night when he started my most favorite song of his: heart of the city (ain't no love). My roommate thankfully got some footage of Jay-Z handing it over to the crowd to sing the rest. Nothing beats the sound of thousands singing. Jay-Z put it well at the end: "There's a lot of love in this room."

A lot of love indeed.

You will hear me trying to sing the chorus and failing miserably, but I did not care one damn bit. I'll sing my freaking heart out for Jay.

Cassie and me before the show (photos from Cassie)

With our new friend after the show

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