Wednesday, March 31, 2010

peep show

Every year the Washington Post holds a "Peeps" diorama competition where folks create scenes using everyone's favorite marshmallow chicks and bunnies . I actually find peeps sort of disgusting to eat, so I'm all about using them as visual art. The titles were cleverest of all, many of them referencing DC inside jokes:
*Where the Wild Peeps Are
*Peepocalypse: Dupont Circle Snowball Fight (a riff off DC's "snowpocalypse", during which there was a huge citywide snowball fight in Dupont Circle)
*White House Party Peepers (a riff off the random White House state dinner crashers)
*Easter at the National Peepthedral: A House of Prayer for all Peeps
*Peepstern Market (a riff off DC's famed Eastern Market)
etc. etc.
Check out the slideshow of entries. The Mad Men one is fantastic!

I often tell people that Washington D.C. was not my first choice when I was looking to move two years ago. But you know, I've really come to love this city. It takes effort to find the cultural enclaves and neighborhoods, but once you do, it's well worth it! It's no New York, but what DC lacks in excitement, it makes up for in charm.

I like this series that the Washington Post also does called "Scene In," not so much for the street fashion (which is pretty underwhelming if you ask me), but for the footage of DC neighborhoods. Check it out when you have a moment and you'll see what I mean about our nation's capital. The people and the scenes are just so charming, charming, charming :)


  1. too cute! they even had one of the terra cotta warriors showing!

    dc loves you, jeannie. so glad you moved here!

  2. write more fun posts.

    jk. i love you.