Thursday, February 4, 2010

what are you reading?

I went to my monthly book club meeting last night and had such a great time sipping herbal tea, eating home made cookies, and discussing our book club book. This month we read an excellent collection of short stories by Edward P. Jones entitled, All Aunt Hagar's Children. All of the stories are set in Washington, D.C., so it was particularly relevant to our group and conversation.

I am simultaneously reading a memoir written by my former professor Jane Bernstein. Her sister was murdered when Jane was just 17, and the book, Bereft, chronicles her investigation into the circumstances of her sister's death. It's a fascinating read and I feel lucky that I had the chance to work so closely with such a superb writer.

Finally, Chris and I are reading through a C.S. Lewis reader. Even though I grew up reading Christian books and even studied them in graduate school, I have never sat down and read an entire C.S. Lewis book, other than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This has been a great study for me. Lewis is a delightful writer--surprisingly funny (I often chuckle at his "stodgy britishisms"), crystal clear with his arguments, and yet you never feel lectured at (even though he is very pedantic). Instead, you feel like you're both in armchairs, smoking pipes together, while he talks at length about the moral argument for faith and the unending stupidity of Masters students.

Don't know what I'll pick up next, but I'm happy to take suggestions!


  1.<3 my brutha from another mutha.
    i've finally gotten around to reading the shack. i've stopped at the part that makes you mentally go "say whaaa?" black, asian, and a jew...

  2. The Shack will definitely rock your ideas about who God is, what God sounds like, talks like, etc. I will be interested in hearing your thoughts when you're done reading!