Friday, February 26, 2010

view from your desk chair

Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish often posts photos from readers in a series called "View from Your Window." It became so popular, in fact, that he put together a little book compilation of the photos for sale. My version? View from your desk chair. I was so thrilled by Susan's photo of the view from her office that I took another photo of my desk. I got a photo from Christopher's desk too (so messy! hehe). How about you? Care to share?

My desk: coffee, of course :)

Christopher's desk at Dow Jones: Do I spy Dunkin' Donuts?

**added: Annie's desk at Ignited Minds

***added: Susan's desk at Y&R


  1. dunkin donuts, baby. a bankruptcy story today mentioned dunkin donuts, and then i had a craving.

  2. I wish my desk was as stylish and cool as the rest of yours. :( Alas, an archaic computer on its last legs, a 1/2 eaten pop tart, and junk everywhere.

  3. Is that the brown sugar pop tart? I love those!!!