Wednesday, February 10, 2010

some fond memories

This past weekend was our pseudo-Valentine's day because Chris and I won't be able to be together this coming weekend. We had a lovely time! We ate amazing food (dumplings twice in one day) and saw the Tony-award winning musical, Next to Normal. It was heavy content but very inspiring. Thanks to 'topher for a memorable and fun-filled weekend! Prepare to drool as you look at the photos.

And now I am snowed in for the third day in a row-- this blizzard in D.C. has been incredible!

(I think it's funny that Chris and I share one beer
between the two of us. We're such lightweights!)

Also, note how much better my photos (1-4)
look compared with Christopher's (5, 6).
Droid v. iPhone ... Droid +1.


  1. drool....

    as for the photos, i think it was a matter of lighting to me! (hehe)

  2. thank you annie, i was about to say, the fix was in! my pics are in super dark lighting, j.choi. let's do it fair if we're going to compete!

  3. but yes, the food was amazing. the pork at Minca makes me happy.

    also, my head isn't really shaped like that!