Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i didn't even know you

Do you ever think about people in your life and think, I didn't even know you and yet we were so close! I was thinking about my old DC roommate from back when I was a summer intern. She and I did a lot of fun things together but I can't even remember her last name (therefore, I cannot find her on facebook). I do remember that I called her boyfriend "MooCow" because whenever he'd come online on her AIM, the alert sound was of a cow mooing.

Or my friend Eunice. I was one of her bridesmaids for goodness' sake and now I have no idea what she is doing ... I don't even know where she works or lives!

Or I think about the X and how I spent a whole two years investing all this time and energy into getting to know him and yet when I think about him today, I am utterly mystified.

And then I look at people in my life now and wonder, will you be a stranger to me one day? Scary thought.


  1. i can name so many people whom i've lost track of. it is kind of sad. one of my best friends from middle school and high school, jason - we grew apart and when he got married a couple of years ago, i didn't even attend the wedding.

  2. i will never let u escape me. you're my prisoner. i'll stop now...

    chris and i were just gchatting about awkward things...

  3. oh there are some folks who will never become strangers, I just won't let it happen! like you three :)