Sunday, June 7, 2009

the brothers bloom

Last night, Christopher, his brother Cliff, and I all went to see the film, The Brothers Bloom. I went in not knowing much; I came out delighted! If you feel like watching a funny, at times serious, fantastical movie about two brothers who love and hate each other through a lifetime of heists and swindles, you should definitely check this movie out. Also, the costumes are great fun. Why don't men wear hats any more?

Rinko Kikuchi was also in the film and she was HILARIOUS and wonderful. But I did find myself a little bothered. After reading a little bit about Asian American heritage month (it was May, did you commemorate it in any way? Yeah, neither did I), and watching a documentary on Asian American's in film and television, I found myself wondering what she was representing through her character-a mostly silent guns and explosives expert, who at one point is singing bad karaoke in a Tokyo bar. To a certain extent though I felt like her performance was a parody of all that is expected of the stereotypical asian character in a heist film. Maybe a good performance, above all, is most important as long as it doesn't go unnoticed. Anyway ... watch the movie! Let's talk about it!

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