Wednesday, June 3, 2009

grizzly bear

I went to my first 9:30 Club concert on Monday night. I was thrilled to finally go to a concert there after having listened to way too many live concerts via NPR from the 9:30 club. I was even happier knowing I was going to see Grizzly Bear, a phenomenal quartet of musical geniuses. The show was off the chain!!!!

The most exciting thing about Grizzly Bear is that they all sing to produce the most stunning four-part harmonies. As a former choir geek, I really really appreciate this about their music. Also, one band member, Chris Taylor, can sing like a boy soprano, play the flute, guitar, clarinet, and manipulate pedals like a wizard! Here's an awesome shot of him from the concert, via washingtonpost.

(Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear)

Doesn't he look like an ethereal pirate rockstar? Omg ... I am in love. If you haven't heard Grizzly Bear yet, I highly highly recommend you check them out. Here's their hit song, Two Weeks, off their second album Veckatimest. The video is wild!

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  1. i love them. i love love them. oh, how i love them. and i love that you love them. :)

    have you seen the video for "knife" from their yellow house album? that video is wild, too.