Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have a tendency to get pretty obsessive about things like squash (the sport, not the veg), mad men (which is coming back in the Summer!!), James Baldwin, blueberries, baking (when I have an actual kitchen), sex and the city (I just started watching the show last year and have already bought every single season ... it's sick I tell you!), and now ... crochet. I am totally hooked, literally! har har.

I cannot stop crocheting. Nothing can pull me away. The president's speech? I listened, but my eyes did not leave my crochet needle and yarn. Chris trying to talk to me? I'm sure he was annoyed because I was responding with very distracted uh huh's. Bed time? I brought my needle into bed with me and in my head kept thinking ... just one more row, one more row.

Yesterday, my obsession went to the next level: purchasing quality yarn. Right now I had bummed a needle off one of my coworkers and another coworker donated some old acrylic yarn she had bought years ago. Now I must have actual, wearable, 100% organic cotton yarn. Check these beauties out!

That last one I got in a cream color, not lime green. I'm very excited!!! I can't wait until they come in the mail along with my set of 5 crochet needles. YESSSSSS!

(all images courtesy of string. check it out!)


  1. omg. "uh huh. uh huh." that's nice. cool.

    you're going to give me one of those crochet needles, right?


  2. SO ADDICTING. you're going to get neck sores. be careful.

  3. oh, but don't stop. make me something! hehehe

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  5. OOps don't know what happened. The yarn is beautiful! I've been looking for good yarn so thanks for sharing the site!