Thursday, February 19, 2009

today: a tribute!

Hi friends. I haven't updated in a while but that's mostly because I am really busy at work and then once I get home all I want to do is go to bed and not look at a computer screen, if you know what I mean. A lot of exciting stuff going on though ... working on another cover feature for the magazine, getting ready for our big conference, the mobilization to end poverty (we've invited President Obama! Hoping he comes!), and having a good time bonding with people in D.C. and hanging out with le boyfriend. Chris and I had a great Valentine's Day geeking out at the Newseum. If you live in D.C. and haven't gone yet, I highly suggest you go! We also ate at two great restaurants--Domku, a hungarian cafe, and Founding Farmers, a farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of D.C. I think we were so into our activities or our food or each other that we completely forgot to take any pictures, so last minute we took a couple on the street in my neighborhood right before Chris left to catch a bus back up to New York.

Yes, yes I know, barf-alicious. But what can I say? He's, like, my best friend.

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