Tuesday, July 17, 2012

charlie rose interviews terry gross

Terry Gross: I tend to write up my questions not word for word, but i try to prepare a narrative so it's not just like a questionnaire with a random sampling of questions. it has a structure, it has a story. It's more interesting if the questions add up to a story than if it's just, you know a questionnaire. 
Charlie Rose: Yeah, I keep telling people that what makes this fascinating for me, and for anyone who does it as well as you do, is a notion that you're telling a story. you're simply taking someone who's sitting across from you and you're telling a story. you're looking at the world through their life and through their experience, and the collision of my curiosity and their experience. and that's a story. 
Terry Gross: Mm hmm, and I find that I learn a lot about myself when I hear people talk about themselves.
they are an inspiration. the notion of a hardened journalist has never appealed to me. but listen to these two talk about their work! they're as moon-eyed and rapturous as two teenagers in love. i'm so excited to join their club, even if i remain a junior member for the rest of my life ... frankly, it's nice to have people who do it better than you. it's nice to have a dream. and I hope to always maintain my "real, honest curiosity," as terry gross puts it, come what may.

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  1. I listen to Fresh Air multiple times a week. I might be way off, but I get the feeling that, lately and on occasion, Terry is obnoxious: constantly intejecting, not letting the interviewee finish his/her statement because Terry really needs to say something which ends up being rather trivial.

    Regardless, I love her show.