Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking Back

in a bout of (planned) spontaneity, Chris and I invited our friends Ryan and Erica to come with us to Pittsburgh for a weekend trip. We reminisced about our old college days, ate a lot of delicious greasy food, went to the Feist concert on Saturday night, and stopped by Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water house on the way back to DC. it was such a great weekend and it was nice to know that even when you leave a place, it moves on, but also stays the same.

The squash courts on campus where Chris and I first became friends.
One day in the school paper's newsroom, I told him I was taking 
a squash class and he asked if we could play together. I had a 
mondo crush on him at the time, so of course i said yes!

Chris convinced the gym staff to lend us racquets
and a ball, even though we didn't have student IDs

Erica and I played some rounds. She was so good for a first-timer!

From L to R: Chris, Jeannie, Erica, Ryan

We rode the Pittsburgh Incline to the top of Mt. Washington.
During the height of Pittsburgh's steel era, workers used the
incline to get to and from their homes at the top of the mountain,
to the factories along the rivers.

Panoramic view of Pittsburgh from the top of Mt. Washington

Chris and me at the Feist concert! Brief clip of her performance to come.

the next day we visited my old dorm, Mudge House,
where I was an RA for 3 years. so many good times
were had in this building. looking back, i realize
how good we had it. community is hard to find.
on our way home to DC, we stopped at Falling Water,
a beautiful house by architect Frank Lloyd Wright
made for the Kauffman family (their department store
chain, Kauffman's, later became Macy's). this is a shot from
the visitor's center.

it had just rained and would rain again. we walked down
a short path through the forest to reach the house.

beautiful light through the trees

smile chris!

the house seen through a clearing!
it's essentially a glorified cabin in the forest.
personally, i think we look a lot happier than brangelina.

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