Thursday, May 3, 2012

life is but a dream

If I could backtrack a little and share some more New York photos with you, that would be great. I put together an album on Facebook so that my family members could share my photos with their friends, but here are some unpublished ones that I saved just for my blog :)

 baby g, helen, chris in the back, and jen eemo

this photo cracks me up. my cousin paul
looks so crazy awkward holding
baby g, and baby g looks so awkward
being held by paul. hahahaha! love it.

so you might think I'm mean for posting this photo
of my cousin Tom, but this is special because baby G
took this photo of his dad using my camera!
HA! this might just be baby G's first photo,
 so of course I need to archive it. who knows,
he might grow up to be a great photographer someday.

baby G flanked by me and Helen. he was
basically the center of attention during the whole trip

Uno and I leap with joy on the great lawn!

words cannot express how much i love my cousin helen
this is us at Joe's Shanghai eating soup dumplings

 i love my sister Uno. this is her on the windy
rooftop of 30 rock! I love her goofy smile in
this photo. miss you so much!

we spent saturday night at Spin, a pingpong/club/bar
in  the Flatiron. it was awesome watching my sister and
her friend Hannah dominated the pingpong table.
nobody could take them down!
Weeks later, I continue to scroll through these photos and wonder, did that really happen? was it all a dream? sometimes life throws you an experience so rich and delicious, you can't believe your luck. I love my family so much.

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