Thursday, May 3, 2012

bad photos of an otherwise lovely event

so i've been getting some flack for not updating this blog enough and it's true. I've been somewhat delinquent in my posting, primarily because of the whole lot of EVERYTHING happening in my life. but here's a nice little update for you.

last weekend, chris and I went to my friend eddie's wedding reception. it was a really lovely affair and it was super fun seeing my friend eddie so happy with his new wife, Joo, especially to see him all dressed up in his tux and richie rich hair because .... well, I knew eddie in college when he wore sean john velour sweatsuits and ate chinese take out in his dormroom every night :)

i have some pretty hilarious stories of times with eddie from college. hey eddie, remember: telling people we were cousins; eating out at max and erma's way too often; eating breakfast at schatz diner way too often; going to the erykah badu concert, waiting effing 2 hours for her to come out, enjoying the show anyways, and then almost crashing your car on the way home because it had snowed; slacking off in statistics class; trying to write a song in the mudge house library and failing completely; eating; eating; eating? damn, we ate so much in college ... kind of gross looking back.

those days are long gone ... let's hope we never regress to our college diets again. and i dare say, the dude got crazy lucky cause his wife is nice, pretty, smart, and a health nut! good job cuz.

it was tough to get good photos because the lighting was a little tricky -- so here are some bad photos for you. haha. enjoy!

chris and i seem to take this same photo before
every wedding we attend!  I'm determined that
for the next wedding, I will be in the driver's seat!

leave it to eddie to have delicious parmesan
french fries at  the cocktail reception. I think
I ate about three cones. true story.

the lovely cake!

Eddie and Joo. awwww!

Chris continues to take awful photos of me.
this was my stank face during his fifth attempt
to capture me not looking a. fat; b. constipated;
c. ridiculous. I take all these awesome photos
of chris and he always takes the worst photos of
me. and look! I still look constipated! sigh.
despite that last photo, we had a really great time! and what a joy to celebrate an old friend in their new marriage. congrats Eddie and Joo! love you guys!

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