Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what's up?

A lot of moving and shaking in my life these days. Of course, with Chris now in D.C., it's certainly been an adventure. We've been playing a lot of squash, eating home-cooked food (for once!), and talking more.

In other news, I have a new job with more responsibilities and am doing my best to adjust to the workload while maintaining proper boundaries. Being a web editor lends itself to obsessing over a site long after the work day is over. I talk about the website, think about the website, and I've even dreamt about the website (just once ... or twice). Anyway, this weekend I will purposefully vacate my brain and do only fun, relaxing, non web-related things.

A more pleasant repercussion of my new job has been an upgrade to my own office! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.


(My new office flower. I love it! It's called "crown of thorns")

(Morgan Spurlock, always watching me)

About those last two photos ... let me explain. Sometime last year or so I got a chance to interview Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame. In the middle of the interview, one of the hot studio lights fell and hit my arm, giving me a tiny first-degree burn. It was a very surreal moment when Spurlock immediately reached over and examined my arm saying, "We need to put some ice on this." My life takes the oddest turns! 

Afterwards, my coworker, while editing the video, took this screen capture of Morgan Spurlock's face the moment the light fell and taped it to my wall. I now consider Morgan my patron saint of interviews since, what can be worse than getting a burn in the middle of a serious interview? Nothing. So he remains, frozen in shock, to remind me that, as deadly serious as my work can get, it's always important to embrace the humor of a potentially catastrophic situation.

Second photo: the last weekend in New York, I went in to a salon in Chinatown and came out with an '80s-rocker style mullet. 

Oh well. Rock on.


  1. beautiful new office! must be nice movin on up!

    proud of u. say halo to christoph!

  2. Your office is so GORGEOUS! I am SOOOO JEALOUS! Can I come visit you soon? I've been racking up frequent flyer points!

  3. hahahaha! Girl, I love your burn story...stranger than fiction. plus your new office is RAD!!!! On so many ivy-less levels. Hey, have you seen this? It's sooo funny.

  4. Also, do you remember when you took me to a garage in Temecula where one of your church friends gave me a rocker mullet???