Monday, May 17, 2010

new york is such bullshit

I don't know what it was but this weekend, I had no tolerance for New York. So much trash and money and indulgence ... I found myself muttering to myself at every turn, that is such bullshit. $7 muffins and $12 flowers. Such bullshit. See through dresses and sky high heels. Absolute bullshit. Washing your hands in a cramped restroom while leaning over the toilet. Literal bullshit. "Secret" speakeasys with ridiculously overpriced drinks. Total and utter bullshit.

And yet, I. Love. New. York.

Perfect cafe au lait's three days in a row. Beautiful people inside and out. Life in the streets well past 12. Wild grass waving as if blown by a ghost train. Incredible gelato in surprising flavors (grape, olive oil, chili, grapefruit). And of course, friends -- who are really my second family. I had so much ridiculous fun this weekend that I didn't even stop to take photos save one: brunch. It wasn't the most incredible food I'd ever had, but it was good and lovely and shared with fun people.

Get thee to New York, asap asap asap. It is beautiful in the springtime.


  1. it was a good time. that sink at graffiti was hilarious! i wish i had a picture.

  2. Chris — a picture: