Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I could make that"

Look at what Uno made for me (click on image to view in detail):

She hand painted the bits of fabric, cut them into the appropriate shapes and then stitched the painted fabric onto another piece of fabric. I framed it and put it up on my wall at work. Isn't that lovely?

My sister is always telling me to try and make things before I go buy them. Sometimes her ideas fail, like the time we tried to make a laptop case for me out of cardboard, an old canvas tote, an orange mesh shirt (don't ask), and some needle and thread. We did not succeed (and I am still in need of a laptop case!). But in the case above, I'd say Uno's motto of "make before buying" really wins. Her stitchery sure beats any generic office art you'd buy at Staples. Thanks sister!

(P.S.: check out my computer screen in the second photo -- metablog!)

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