Tuesday, January 26, 2010

yikes, that's scary.

Good grief, my hair has been looking so bad lately! People always try to post their best looks on their blogs, but I need help people! Please tell me what I should do with my hair.

I'm trying to grow it out for my second donation to locks of love, but right now it's just looking really bad. How do I cut it so that it has more shape and is not quite so hideous, while keeping the little length I have?

Chris snapped this pic while we were eating lunch this weekend. Between my hair and my flannel shirt, we joked that I looked like the lead singer of the fleet foxes. Sad. Funny ... but sad.


  1. FTR I am personally finding this fleet-foxes cut of Jeannie's to be pretty endearing. what say y'all?

  2. Also, I would say it's somewhat misleading to post this picture as a representation of your hair at all times. sometimes it's totally different!

  3. hahahahahaha.
    i'm busting out laughing over here in mpls. i don't have any suggestions, but wanted to tell you that you're great no matter what your hair is doing.