Monday, January 11, 2010

it's been a while

Hi friends,
Sorry for the lack of posts (not that anyone is waiting on bated breath for my next blog, right?) I've been working on getting my own web site off the ground so that I can have a place to put my clips, videos, audiofiles, etc. I might just have to hire someone to do it for me though :) So, that is to come soon.

I went home for the holidays. I loved, lived, ate (gained 2 pounds), and came back to DC homesick and missing my family. We now skype almost every other night and I am constantly calling home like a pathetic loser.

Last night I was skyping with Uno and then my mom came in and then my dad came in and they were all showing me some new clothes and the food they ate for dinner and I was at that moment deliriously happy because it felt like I was there, and then I looked down at my desk and then at my chair and then my room and realized that I wasn't there ... I was here, in DC, thousands of miles away. It's hard for me to be so far, but it was even more difficult for me to be there, feeling lost and insignificant and STUCK. So I know it's good that I am in DC and out on my own, but GOSH I MISS MY FAMILY.

OK, enough depression. Here's something a little fun. I picked up this cheap little Rodarte for Target number this weekend. I wasn't too thrilled about it at first but felt it was a practical choice - I can wear dresses like this all year round and in a million different ways. But once I put it together with tights, boots, a long cardigan and a belt, I was really glad I got it! Instantly pulled together, interesting pattern, simple cut. Highly recommend it for the working girl who needs to just throw something on in the morning.

Also to come, Uno and I found some amazing treasures at our local goodwill this past break. I'll post all of those goodies the rest of the week. We have been talking about collaborating on an etsy store together! Not sure if it will really happen, but between the two of us, I think a well-edited store could get quite stocked.



  1. i really like it, jeannie. i can see you rocking that. maybe a splash of color with jewelry or belt for whatever occasion? xoxo

  2. you are *not* a pathetic loser! just a softy. which is why we like you.

  3. you're back. i missed you. i miss you.

  4. Aside from the homesick part of this post, Jeannie Choi blogging about clothes and fashion... whoa. . . .