Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Things I am excited about:

1. Hopefully getting a new bike, hand-delivered by boyfriend extraordinaire, purchased via nyc's incredibly active bike community on craigslist. Listings disappear within minutes people! But one listing spoke to me, literally SPOKE to me. Vintage Schwinn collegiate. Oh please, be mine! Chris is going to check it out tonight. If not this one though, another lovely machine will come along, I'm sure.

2. Running more. I am over my fear of running and it is grand! Winter running should be a good experience. I'm hoping to do another ten miler in the next year.

3. Baking more. My roomie is a hardcore baker and she is influencing me in ways I didn't even realize. Next up, the perfect zucchini chocolate cake, a recipe passed down from generations of Sojourners interns.

4. Immigration reform. (Did you hear that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being investigated by Homeland Security? Very exciting.)

5. My birthday. I am actually having a party this year, thrown by my roommate. Last year was a quiet affair (though it was lovely to see susan!), but I figure I should ring in 27 with some fun. We are having a mulled wine party with cookies, breads, cheese.

6. Books: Lorrie Moore and Geraldine Brooks' new(ish) books. Must order right away. I tried really hard to read "The Help," but if a book hasn't grabbed me by chapter 4, it's done. I can't read no mo'.


1. Rahm Emanuel at a private party catered by a Sojo staffer's son said the public option for health care was dead. Incredibly disappointing.

2. The boots from previous post turned out to be really ugly on me and my short Korean legs. Oh well.

3. The high price for good boots. It becomes the never ending search all fall and winter.


  1. :) hi jeannie! i read your blog i love it!
    and i think i have that same bike except it's burgundy, it's wonderful.

    -hannah lee

  2. hello sweet hannah! I'm glad to hear from you :) Where are you? what are you up to?? Glad to know the bike is a good one. I'll let you know what happens with it. Let's get together with Uno this winter, ok?!

  3. hey, get it? the bike SPOKE to you? spoke? haha.