Thursday, October 29, 2009

don't stoop

This past weekend was another whirlwind trip to New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. (JayZ anyone? That performance was so great).

Some highlights:
1. Christopher got us tickets to a screening of the fantastic documentary, Reporter, featuring Nicholas Kristof. Afterwards, Kristof appeared (like magic!) and answered questions from the audience. His method of reporting was an inspiring thing to watch in action--it made me want to be a better editor, interviewer, advocate. Definitely recommend watching the documentary if there is a screening near you, and reading the book Kristof co-authored with his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, about empowered women around the world. Sojourners has an interview with them in our next issue.

2. Riding my new bike! I didn't realize how long it'd been since I rode a bike, but I was definitely a little rusty. Regardless, it was a great feeling, wheeling down Carlton Avenue on my sweet little Schwinn in the rain with Chris jogging next to me. Haha. We must've looked weird.

3. Meeting Sufjan! Well ... not really, and that is regrettable, because he was literally two feet away from me and I just chickened out and left. The problem is, it was not the ideal way to introduce myself, considering he was surrounded by very hipster chicks all volleying for a piece of him. I just could not stoop to that level. So ... whatever! He will just have to wait to have the pleasure of meeting me. Yes. That's right.

But I did have the opportunity to watch the BQE film which was a lot of fun, and see DM Stith perform, which will probably go down in my personal history as the best performance of 2009.

And that's all folks!

(How cute is this pig? Via A Cup of Jo, by Sharon Montrose.)

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  1. oh, how far we've come from having wanted to wear our "marry me.. or her" shirts to saying, you will let him meet YOU. all growned uped.