Monday, August 24, 2009

my place

Here are photos of my new room. Sorry for the crappy photobooth quality. It's also really difficult to get good photos with photo booth, and also the images are all reversed, argh. A new camera might be in store for me in the future (see below), but right now I need to save them Benjamins!

Eventually I will give you a video tour :) The kitchen is the best part of the apartment!

(Shout out to Christopher who helped put most of this furniture together and who ventured with me on an epic trip to Ikea this weekend. I know it was painful, sweets. I'm forever grateful!)

***update, more photos!

dining room


kitchen II

view from our balcony

view from balcony II


  1. Purdy! I like the panda.

    Was it the Ikea in Elizabeth? Did you take the dreaded Ikea bus?

  2. This was the Ikea in College Park, Maryland. I WISH we had an Ikea bus because then I wouldn't have to borrow cars from folks or get a zipcar! But then again, why is the elizabeth Ikea bus dreaded?

  3. Congrats, Jeans! I love it! Dang, you girls have A LOT of knives! ha!