Thursday, July 16, 2009


My friends, I am a moving this Saturday and let me tell you, it is quite a mess at 1465 Harvard St.

I look forward to setting up shop in my new place. It is a little apartment in Columbia Heights but in a much safer part of the neighborhood. After my kicking incident, safety has become much more important to me. I also have a cute little kitchen and a new roomie, my friend from work. We're also on the top floor, so no upstairs noise to worry about, and we have a walk-out terrace with a great view. Wahoo!

All this further supports my previous assertion: if you want something, go for it! You want to leave suburbia and move to a city? Just move. You want a better job? Quit the one you have and fight your way into a new one. But why do we settle for crummy situations in life? I don't know, but I'm the queen of it. For so long I had many grievances with my current place and just lived with them for a whole year (!) *sigh* Well, finally ... I'm leaving!

Here's another thing I asked for and got! I kind of went on an etsy rampage last night in the middle of packing hehe. I fell hard for this dress but it was way too pricey. I asked for a price adjustment and she gave it to me! (check out persephone vintage, she's korean!)

pretty, right? I'll probably belt it and I'm thinking of shortening the sleeves ... what do you think?


  1. First, KICKING? What? Explain immediately! Second, you are brave. I love you for that. Don't forget it! Third, MUST HAVE THAT DRESS! I say you keep the length of the sleeves and shorten the length. That would make it much more sassy!'re so great... :)