Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the new place ... ROCKS!

Well, the move this past weekend went off without a hitch and the new place totally rocks! I have dropped a ton of cash though ... moving is not cheap. I also realized that by way of furniture, I didn't really buy a lot when I first moved to DC. Just a bed, dresser, and desk.

I've bought pretty much everything I need now, but I am hoping to get two more things: a bookshelf and an arm chair.

For the bookshelf I will be going relatively cheap (hoping to pick up this simple number from my neighborhood Target). The arm chair, however, I am looking at as an investment piece.

I have always wanted a big, dark brown, leather armchair. It is my one furniture dream. I remember asking my parents for one when I was a kid and the idea was promptly vetoed. But now, I am an independent WOman and I will be getting myself something lovely along the lines of the chair Aiden sold to Carrie in Sex and the City.

(photo via HBO)

How perfect is that? I will curl up in mine with a good book and a big piping hot mug of coffee. If you all find one that you think might be good for me, let me know!


**update! maybe this one, and for a great price too! What do you guys think?


  1. oh! Claaaasssy! love it. and it's on SALE.

  2. Check overstock.com too. I don't think you'll find one cheaper than the jcpenny's one, but you might... :) Can't wait to visit. Pix of my place coming soon (waiting on the sofa to be delivered!)