Wednesday, April 1, 2009

when parents email ...

I think it's really cute when my parents email me. My dad emails every once in a while to ask for something -- usually edits to some document he's putting together for his seminary. My mom, on the other hand, rarely emails. I remember once when I was an undergrad, she sent me this incredibly long email explaining why I should not switch out of my information systems major to english lit. I was annoyed by it, but mostly really amazed that my mom took the time to write such an email!

Anyway, here's what I received from my mom last night:

If you can't read it, it says:

jeannie, let's make this card.
pleae find good family picture and call me . I will give all the info. you need over the phone.
Thank you and Bye.


  1. lol. that is hilarious! so cute. pick a good picture.

  2. you MUST send her the picture of your family at Christmas all with bows on your heads! ha! that one would be PERFECT! :)

  3. i like that she didn't sign her email "love, mom" :P

  4. lol. my mom would never say "love"