Monday, April 6, 2009

kindred spirits

The first day I met Jenny, we were in second grade, except she was in the first graders class at Sunday school. You don't belong here, I told her. And promptly marched her to the second graders class. We've been fast friends ever since! Sure we lost touch here and there, but there's no doubt in my mind that she is one of my oldest, most faithful friends.

We also have freaky deaky connections with one another ... it was not uncommon for us to blurt out the SAME EXACT PHRASE at the SAME EXACT TIME in high school. Also, I'll meet someone from Berkeley and we'll be talking and they'll say ... you remind me of some girl I knew in college. And usually, they're talking about Jenny.

A couple weeks ago, I met up with Jen for brunch. She's now a wife and a mother! I can't believe it sometimes. But I can honestly say that as much as things have changed, a lot has stayed the same. We still make stupid jokes, laugh uncontrollably, eat a lot, and love God. What a great friend. And as for the freaky deakyness? It remains ... behold: when time came to pay the bill, we both pulled out plastic cards, but were they credit cards? Nay ... they were tip calculator cards. I have NEVER seen anyone else use one and I ALWAYS get made fun of for using one. Oh, it was quite miraculous. I love you woman!

admiring our tip cards ... we are such freaks!

outside on a cold new york day. How chic is Jen's haircut!?

(photos courtesy of Jenny!)


  1. hey jenny... i *like* you. just like. =)

  2. I *like* you too. I *love* Jeannie.

  3. I like the words that blogger makes you type in so that you can confirm your comment post. The word I had to type in was "lermo." That's not a work I think, but it should be... "that movie was lermo."