Tuesday, February 19, 2013

good stuff 2

as soon as i published my last post, i kept thinking about a whole bunch of other things i wanted to share with you guys. so here's part 2 ... more good stuff i've been using and reusing throughout my day that have been making me happy.

this is the only pen i will use these days. the retractable nib and
easy ink flow make scribbling quick notes nice and easy. i went
through about four of these last semester!

my taste in jewelry gravitates towards small, simple pieces that you can wear
every day. when it comes to rings, that means, thin bands without anything
protruding that can snag on clothes, hair, bags etc. this tiny ring rarely leaves my
left hand and looks great with a simple manicure.

let me tell you something about new york city: it stinks. i won't get into the
details but the city literally stinks of every foul scent you can imagine. and the
problem is, the bad smells mix right in there with the great smells, like delicious
food and roasting nuts and perfumed women. so one second, you might
be inhaling the sweet scent of nuts roasting in the cold winter air, when suddenly,
mid-inhale, you're struck with the scent of "something else." this little solid perfume was
gifted to me by a friend last December and i carry it with me everywhere. if ever i need
a little scent detox or recalibration after a particularly awful experience, this guy saves the day

my preferences in makeup follow my preferences in jewelry: simple, no fuss, everyday.
i picked up this cream eye shadow at THE BEST STORE IN NYC at the end of last
semester as a treat for surviving the most hellacious 5 months of my life! it is all natural and
beautifully pigmented and ridiculously easy to apply: just swirl your finger in the pot once
and swipe onto your eyelid. voila! you're ready to face your day.

i am always on the hunt for subway reading material and for the past few
weeks, it's been "My Life in France," by Julia Child. It's a really easy read and
immediately transports you from a stuffy subway car rattling through lower
manhattan to delicious, cheese and wine-filled Paris.


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  2. do you still wear this ring? i don't recall seeing it recently!

    i think all the stuff you get is cool.