Tuesday, October 16, 2012

long time no see

Hi friends, it's been a while.

School is in full swing and my comfortable, overfed, overly rested, overly consumeristic lifestyle has been replaced with .... no semblance of a life whatsoever. haha. my life is my work at this point and i try to eke out enough time for christopher and that's about it.

it's a shame, right? Because i have finally moved to new york city, the epicenter of culture and life and food and entertainment, etc., and all i can do is sort of watch it go by. no money, no time, and a lot of shit to get done. it's been a little rough.

this month has been the toughest thus far. the deadlines are coming at us fast and furious, and we barely have time to come up for air. not only are we trying to report on a variety of issues in our neighborhoods, but we are also trying to report these stories in multiple mediums. at one moment, it's a radio story, so you're busting your butt trying to get good audio. The next moment it's for TV and you're trying to figure out lighting and footage and angles. and then suddenly, it's a photo essay. we've all lost our minds!

but the other day, a friend posted a nice reminder on facebook: you don't have to, you get to.

WOW. that hit home for me, because for so long I felt like I was looking and looking for a chance to do some real deal reporting, and I never got the opportunity. Now I finally GET to do it! I have to keep reminding myself of this when the going gets tough.

i don't have anything fun and/or frivolous to report on, but here's a tidbit: my style has been reduced to function. i no longer take any pleasure in wearing a nice frock. when i get up in the morning, all i think is, what can i wear that will make me look semi-respectable and make my day as comfortable and easy as possible. this explains why journalists tend to dress rather simply. in my experience, it's good for a journalist to wear: black because you look acceptable in almost every situation and you never know what you will be covering that day (art show, city commission hearing, meeting with clergy, you name it); flat comfortable walking shoes because it is not fun walking the streets with foot pain (i learned this the hard way); and a jacket with pockets to carry your press badge, your notepad, and your cellphone, because you never know when you have to whip that stuff out. honestly, if i could wear a hunter's vest with pockets, i totally would! actually .... (searches them on amazon)

lastly, i thought i'd share a radio story I got to do in my neighborhood. can i tell you how much respect i have for radio reporters? it's not easy getting good, interesting audio that will actually compel someone to stop whatever they're doing around the house and LISTEN to their radios.

this is as close as i got to making something interesting during my first radio class. let me know what you think!

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