Wednesday, April 4, 2012

trench warfare

so remember this awesome trenchcoat that my mom bought me for my birthday three years ago (holy shit has it really been 3 years???) It has literally fallen apart on me (never buy michael kors outerwear! such a ripoff.)

for example, there were two cute "belts" around the wrists, which I promptly lost because they slipped off very easily; and then the metal hardware on the coat's ACTUAL belt fell apart one day; and now several of the buttons are hanging by their threads. So when i wear it there are random belt loops around the wrists; i don't button the jacket at all, but rather wear it bathrobe style; and I have to tie the belt in a knot because there is no latch -- so it's basically just a sash.

that said, i'm hesitant to buy a new coat -- the basic fabric and structure of the trench is perfect and what a waste to ditch an entire coat just because the "accessories" are absent? there's also a tinge of sentimentality attached to the coat itself. the thought of my sweet mom hunting in a department store for a coat to send to me for my birthday brings me close to tears. how sweet is that? throw that jacket away? hell no. I'm wearing it down to threads.

Thankfully, my sister Uno is coming to visit (she arrives tomorrow!) and she happens to be the Queen of Kludge. Perhaps I can recruit her to help me fix up this sad little jacket-o-mine.

omgosh, i've just figured out what i want to do with the coat and I think it'll be awesome! now to find a good tailor .... :)

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