Monday, August 16, 2010

"Mom flatly rejected my request"

I called home this weekend and complained to my family about how I kept getting bitten by mosquitoes. My dad told me that mosquitoes deserve a nobel prize in medicine because they boost your immune system. I sent him an email with a photo of my most recent bite in all its puffed up glory to try and convince him that mosquitoes are God's worst creation. Here's how he responded. (Prepare to die laughing):


Your immune system has been greatly improved by the
boost shot you got from Ms. M.
Female mosquitoes are the biting ones.
They need blood for egg generation.
Your contribution for the Kingdom of Mosquitoes was
compensated by an upgrade in your immunization level.
See! We are helping each othe by the creation order!
Give thanks in every circumstance.

By the way, I am being harassed by a squirrel.
That bad guy/gal comes to my home from the mountain,
always sits on the wall and spies on me, eats my precious
tomatoes and other vegetables.
My airgun cannot penetrate its thick fur.
I asked mom for a better gun. Mom flatly rejected my request.
I need an air gun with minimum 1000ft/sec shot velocity.
Please join me in pursuading Mom to get permission.
Best wishes for you and may the Lord richly bless you.
In Christ Jesus,
Dr. Choi


  1. OMG this is too hysterical. I heart your dad.

  2. there are so many gems in this ... lines that just by themselves are so hilarious:

    "By the way, I am being harassed by a squirrel"

    "My airgun cannot penetrate its thick fur."

    "That bad guy/gal ... spies on me"


  3. hysterical. i like your daddy promotes mosquito bites and in the same email states that he wants a more powerful air gun to get rid of the squirrels. ha ha!